Monthly Archives: November 2009

Cell phones and divorce…

Next time you are out in your car, begin to notice how many people are either talking on the cell phone or texting.  It’s amazing!

While sitting at a red light recently, I counted ten cars that passed me and seven of those people were on the phone.  So I began to wonder…what the heck is everyone talking about?

I also began to wonder if 70 percent of the people that I randomly viewed at an intersection were gabbing away on the phone, then it stands to reason that our generation is technically “communicating more”.  Therefore, we should be able to see a direct correlation in the fact that if we are communicating more we should see a reduction in statistics that weight heavily in areas where communication plays a significant role in the breakdown of a relational system like a marriage.

Well drum roll please…. In the early 1980’s two significant seemingly “unrelated things” happened:

A. First, in the early 1980’s the first fully automatic cellular networks were  introduced to the American consumer market.

B. Also in the early 1980’s, the divorce rate for the US peaked to its highest mark ever at 5.3 per 1000.

Since then two things have happened.

1.  Each year the cellular phone usage has continued to steadily rise to a point where in 2009, 66% of the people in the United States have a cell phone.   This is the highest level ever.

2.  Each year since the introduction of the cell phone, the divorce rate in the United States has continued to decline.  In 2009, 3.6 marriages per 1000 end in divorce; the lowest divorce rate in 37 years.

So what does that tell me?   Well for one thing, we all know where we are and where we’re supposed to be!  That’s a good thing.  Secondly, we’re always available.  Whether we choose to “pick up or not”, when the phone rings…we know it…and so does the person on the other end.

Finally, it just proves the fact that the more we communicate, the better off we are.

So here’s to the cell phone!  May it strengthen the bonds of eternal matrimony!   I just wish those bonds weren’t being strengthened when driving in front of me on the highway.

I think I speak for all of us when I say, “just get off the phone and drive!”