Monthly Archives: December 2017

I’m making a list…and checking it twice…


December seems like the ultimate “list making”month.   We are all making grocery lists for all the Holiday meals.  We are making guest lists for the Holiday parties, we are making Christmas card lists for sharing our best wishes with others, to do lists for managing all the tasks that we’ve assigned ourselves to get accomplished and of course we have our Christmas “wish list” that we have either written down or created on Amazon  (you know you have one!)

So in the spirit of this “list-making season,” I thought it appropriate to create my own list.   A list of things that either I believe and try to do on a regular basis or things I wish we all did on a regular basis.   Regardless, it’s a list that I hope can be checked off as completed this time next year.

My Wish List…

1. Do what you say.
to others
to yourself

2. Surround yourself with the right people.
people that are doing stuff
people that have good values

3. Relationships rule.
all opportunities come from people
be the friend you would like to have

4. Be effective not necessarily efficient.
be more concerned with results
remember it’s an ongoing process…not a result

5. Be intentional.
have a target
know why you’re doing everything you do

6. Grow.
read, travel, turn off the tv
be better tomorrow than you were today

7. Be grateful.
open your eyes, your mind and your heart…in that order
spend time outside in nature

8. Eliminate “good enough.”
good enough means you’ve reached the end of your comfort zone
good enough…never is…

9. Write it down.
thoughts, to do’s, goals, dreams, things you’re grateful for, people to pray for, memories of your youth
your mind should not be a file cabinet

10. Think like a sushi chef.
finish what you start.
clean up as you go.

11. Look people in the eye.
it matters
it connects

12. Listen more than you speak.
you’re really not that interesting
you might learn something

13. If it’s not nice, don’t say it.
you never have to apologize for something you never said
you can never “un-say” something

14. Everyone is important.
value the person, not necessarily the persona
everyone has a story…

15. Guard what you see and listen to.
just as you have locks on your home, protect what you watch, read and listen to
would you be proud of your “browsing history” if it became public

16. Don’t underestimate the power of a simple touch.
sometimes a pat on the back or the shoulder makes everything better
a tender touch can heal where words fail

17. Smile more!
be in the minority
it can be contagious

18. Watch your pennies.
and the dollars will take care of themselves
it just makes cents

19. Have people in your life that you are giving to.
like the Dead Sea, if nothing flows out…nothing lives
happiness = giving

20. Lose your baggage.
you don’t carry your trash can around with you…nor should you carry your regrets and mistakes
after you’ve learned from it…discard it…for good

Merry Christmas Everyone!