Easy Organizational Method

Well it’s approaching tax time and for many of us it is a reminder that we are not as organized as we would like to be.  If that is you, I’ve got a very simple method of organizing your paperwork.

Here is all you need to start:

  1. 1 – green file folder.
  2. 1 – yellow file folder.
  3. 1 – red file folder.
  4. A stack of post-it notes.

Here is the process:

  1. The GREEN folder is the ACTIVE folder.  ALL items that need to be acted upon start here.   Each time you get a piece of paper, bill or document you write on the post it not what the NEXT action needs to be for that document.  Then it goes into the green folder.  Make it your goal to try to stay on top of this folder.
  2. The YELLOW folder is the PENDING or WAITING folder.  For instance if you need to have someone else sign or review a document before you can complete the task, make a copy of the document first and put a post it on the document and write the date and the person you gave it to for the next action.  Then at least once a week, go through your yellow file and follow up with all the people.  Also, write on the same post-it that you followed up on that date.  All documents stay in the yellow folder until they are returned to you.  Then you write the next action on them and either place back in the green folder for further processing or place it in the red folder.
  3. The RED folder is the TO BE FILED folder.  Documents where no further action can be taken go here.  Write on a post it where to file the document.  (I have found that the easiest way to file is simply by company name.)  Then once a week, set aside a time to empty your red folder and simply file the documents where you’ve already decided!

 That’s it!  Pretty simple, huh?

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