Friends for life…

I love   If the company was an actual human being, they would probably be one of my best friends.  First of all, they have all the stuff I love.  Books, music, movies, electronics, sporting goods and even tools!  It’s important to share similar interests with your friends and Amazon seems to continue to add items to their inventory that keep me coming back to them for more and more stuff.

Secondly, they pay attention to me.  They notice and keep track of what I look at each time I visit.  Then, they offer suggestions to new and similar items that they believe might be of interest to me.   That is important in a relationship.  Everyone wants to feel like they are being noticed and heard.  They want to feel like if they are in need of something, then help is only a phone call or in this case, just a click away.   I wish more people would try to anticipate what the other might need or want before you actually had to ask for it.

Next thing that is important to me is communication.  Amazon lets me know when they have received my order.  They send me a brief email to let me know that the order has been processed as well as another email when they believe the order will be ready for shipment.  Then I get another email when the package is shipped and a tracking number so I can follow it all the way to my door.  Then inside the box I get a “no hassles” return policy in the event I am not completely happy.  I’ve never sent anything back to them because I’ve always been satisfied…maybe it’s the smile on the box that makes me believe that everything is going to be all right.

I’m certain if I communicated like this, I would probably be much more successful, have more friends and most likely be happier!  It’s not that they “over-communicate”, but I never have to wonder about what they are doing or where I stand with my order.  It’s one less thing to worry about and that in itself will keep me coming back to Amazon.

The final thing I love about Amazon is that they want my feedback.  They want to know if I liked the book I purchased.  I get to read all the other reviewer’s comments on products that they have bought as well.  This makes me feel like I’m part of a community of friends that are trying to help each other get what we need and want in life…or at least through Amazon.

I’m sure that Amazon is not the only company like this.  I have many favorites.  American Express, USAA, Nordstrom’s and even Barnes and Noble are friends of mine they all know how to treat me and I love and appreciate it.

I wonder if any of my friends could say the same thing about me….


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