Good Friday…


Today is Good Friday.

I’ve never really understood the “Good” behind it.  Yes, I understand it “intellectually” but my heart hasn’t fully caught on… thinking about all that happened to Jesus on this day.

Today is a day of introspection for me and I do it with a heavy heart.

So this morning, I was reflecting on the events of that day and the significance of them.   I was reading the book of Matthew and this sentence jumped out…

At that moment the curtain of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom. – Matthew 27:51

You see, the curtain of the temple closed off the most holy room of the temple.  Only the high priest could enter, once a year and stand in the presence of God.

The tearing of the curtain was a symbol that the death of Jesus had opened the way for all of mankind to approach God…but the funny thing is…

it was torn from the top down…
Never again would we be separated from God…and He was the one that ended that separation!
Ok…maybe I’m beginning to see the “Good” in today after all…   🙂

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