In God We Trust…really?

I just returned from a week in Guatemala working with a Medical Mission team.  I was cleaning out my pockets and separating the American money from the Guatemalan money I had left over when I noticed something interesting.  All of the American currency has imprinted on it in some location, “In God We Trust”.  No big surprise because it is the National Motto of the United States.

But I wondered if we as Americans really believed it.  Also, I found it ironic that “In God We Trust” would be placed on the very thing that we allow to compete with God; our love of money.

So is, “In God We Trust” a true statement?

Trusting means I’ve got to give up control. It also means that what ultimately happens in my future may not be something I’m going to enjoy, prefer or want.   Neither of these two realities makes me feel too comfortable.  I’m much more comfortable at least “having a say-so” into areas that concern me.  So I try to “trust” God in some things and do what I want to in the other things…and then say I’m trusting.

Ouch!  That’s tough to admit!  It’s also not trust!

Trust, Money & God.  Where do most of us fall?

Do we stay in a job we don’t like because it pays well?  Do we stay in a toxic relationship because we don’t feel we can afford to be on our own?  Do we buy things when we are depressed that we think will make us happy?    Are we generous with our money?  When we are faced with a big financial decision, which do we do first, analyze our options, ask other people for advice or pray?  When we hear that soft voice in our hearts telling us to do or not do something…do we follow the prompting or rationalize that we are just talking to ourselves?  Do we lay awake at night thinking about God or worrying about money?

So going back to our National Motto…is it true?  Can it become true?  What might that look like?

To live in this way means that I must live by faith.  I must live based on the promises that God has made.  Then, I have to make choices with the confidence in those promises.  My beliefs and my actions must be in sync or to put it another way…

My life should look like I trust God and His promises, because I do.

Wow…my pocket change has taken on a whole new meaning…!

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