“Investment Opportunity”


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Dear Friends,

I found out something today that I believe demands our attention.  

Some of you might know that Hope Ignited sponsors a school in the village of Las Anonas, Guatemala.  We have about 25 children that attend the school and they are amazing!  We enroll children ages 3 – 5 and when they leave our school, they enter the public school system being able to read and write and many can speak English!  Our kids enter the public school system miles ahead of their classmates.

We are approaching the end of the school year here and it is customary for the Guatemala schools to take the kids on a field trip of some kind and we would love to do the same for our school.  Most of these children have never been out of the village!   Most have never eaten at a McDonalds!

We would like to take the children to the Childrens Museum in Guatemala City on October 9th.   Then treat them all to a McDonalds Happy Meal.  We have lined up the use of a school bus to use and Oscar is going to drive it.

As always, the big issue is cost.   The museum is charging  $5.00 per child and I’m thinking the Happy Meal is another $5.00.   So, we are looking at a total cost of $250 to give these children an experience of a lifetime!

They have been trying to raise the money on their own and they have only raised a small percentage of the needed $250.  Nobody asked me to help…but I heard about it and I knew that this would be a great opportunity to bless the teachers, the children and the school for a job “well done” this year!

Don’t you think we can raise $250 to do this?

If you want to jump in…just click the button below and enter whatever amount you want.


What a blessing this will be!

I’ll keep you posted!


One thought on ““Investment Opportunity”

  1. Bob,
    I will gladly help the kids get to the museum.
    I am in an airport in Italy and not confident in internet security so I will hit the donate button this weekend when back in SD.
    I will donate whatever Euro and Pounds Sterling I have left from this trip – should buy a few tix and happy meals.
    Good Luck.

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