Did you know 40% of any book is “white space” or margin?

You might think what a waste of space!  But try reading a book without that white space, and you will begin to feel the heaviness of black ink as it creeps into your mind and begins to slow down your reading and comprehension.  Our lives are much the same way.

Our souls crave white space.  Downtime for our senses, just as the margin allows our eyes to rest on every page.

Our lives are filled with noise and clutter.  We tend to both create and wear the badges of honor that cause us to believe that “more is better”.  How much CAN I get done?  How long is my “to do list”.  Go, go, go, do, do, do.   How far will we push out the margins of our lives?  Until the words run off the page and the letters fall into oblivion?  Blackberries, emails, twitter, facebook, texting and the “old school” phone calls.  When is enough…enough?

  • When can I sit and be quiet?
  • When can I be alone with…myself?
  • What would I think about?  What would I DO?

If you can’t answer these questions.   Then these thoughts have been written for you.  I beg you to give yourself the “gift” of doing nothing.  Schedule it if you have to!  But find the time in your week to simply…do….nothing.

Go sit in a park.  Go to the woods.  Get outside so the breeze can touch you once again…and you actually take notice.  Listen to the sounds of the world.  Listen to the sounds of “your head”.  Allow them all to have a place.

Welcome back…to yourself…margin is a beautiful thing.

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