Be a part of my Tribe!

I’m asking for your help… I want to do more of this…

I don’t receive a salary.   I know, I know…   But the great part is… I get to rely on God to place people in my life that believe in me, believe in what I am doing with Hope Ignited and want to support that effort.

I believe God has been leading me into deeper waters and as a result, I moved to Guatemala to immerse myself in the language, the culture and community in order to help people in any way I can.  So I’m looking for people who will join me in helping to bring Hope to some of the most disadvantaged people in the world.  I need a Tribe!

I’m asking you to consider investing in me each month for 1 year.   You can invest any amount per month you feel called. I will be blogging about my adventures on this site each week.  I’ll capture all the details of all I learn and experience during this period.  I’m certain that I’ll be “stretched” to the limit…and that’s ok with me.  Then, after a year…ask yourself if I was a good investment.


The form below is a link to a secure site that will allow you to enter in your credit card information for either a one-time gift or a recurring (monthly) gift.

All donations are tax deductible…and greatly appreciated!   This should be interesting!

Yes!  I want to…



Thank YOU!

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