My first days in Guatemala…

Mornings in Las Anonas
Mornings in Las Anonas

Buenos Dias!

It sure seems a little different not having a whole bunch of people around…different…not bad! 🙂 Seriously though…what I am finding different is that there is a “rhythm” of daily life here that I need to figure out and how I can join in. It is much different than when we are here with teams and are the center of attention. Oscar has his daily routine as does Amy and Diego and I don’t want to interrupt that.

The mornings here are the best, sunny and all the sounds that I love…dogs barking, bus sounds, weird birds and roosters combine into a wonderful tranquil symphony and even the sound of hand clippers and rakes on concrete as Don Tohitto and his accomplice clip and rake Oscar’s yard by hand…even in the rain. But by noon, the clouds roll in and it is a totally different story. It rained so hard on Monday that it sounded like a fire hose was turned on. Then by evening, its cool and calm once again. Our having dinner at about 6:30 and in bed by 7:00 seems to be the way of life…and not a bad one either.

My first day started by having coffee with Amy as she sat in her chair looking out at the back yard. She is reading a devotional by Charles Swindoll. She said that Annie may have some job opportunities for me in Antigua. One, at the chocolate shop (Fernando’s) and the other at the coffee plantation. That is awesome and I’m going to follow up on both. The rest of the morning was spent driving around with Diego to several of his ongoing jobsites. It’s good to see him in construction again…that is his sweetspot. I got passed off to Oscar at about noon and we ran errands…Pricesmart (not affiliated with Costco), the bank, the water store and the local market. I can tell that he is ready for me to get behind the wheel and become the “errand boy” because he was challenging me with which turn to take to get to and fro. I did pretty well…even without the GPS. That is fine…I’m looking forward to helping them anyway I can.

Once the rains rolled in…we pretty much shut down until dinner. I spent some time making the casita a little more like home. Amy got me a small table, chair and lamp. So now I can have a place to sit and work on the computer without having to sit on the bed. I love it and it really feels like home.

Oscar had a lightning strike hit his property recently and it affected several of his electronics. Like Diego’s apple TV, Oscars wifi and computer and some other stuff. So we are having to work with getting all of that back online and working. Just another day….

Well that’s about it so far. I think I’m really starting to loosen up…well…starting….!

6 thoughts on “My first days in Guatemala…

  1. It is SOO great to hear from you!! I knew you’d be safe, but still reassuring:)I’ve also tried Viber and wait your reply to see how well it works. Sounds wonderful, actually the rain sounds wonderful as well! Look forward to hearing more and seeing photo’s. blessings to you, Amy, Oscar and Diego, all my love to all…

  2. Giving thanks! God was faithful to answer all the prayers and get you there safely. I know He will be with you and watch over you every step of the way as you continue on this journey He has called you to. Your poetic and descriptive writing is a delight to read and gives a great visual perspective. I look forward to reading more about your adventure. Prayers always! Love, Susan

  3. Bob!!! I am so glad you made it safe and sound. I am thrilled for you, and will continue to pray that you see God each day and have a peace in your heart that you are exactly where you are supposed to be. What a great adventure. Look forward to keeping up with all the things God has in store for you. Tell Oscar, Amy and Diego hello from me.

    Love and blessings, Melissa

  4. Bob, I feel like I am there with you! It’s awesome that you are taking this adventure one full steam ahead. I look forward to reading more of your entries. The people in San Jose Pinula will know they are love by seeing your face everyday. Praying for you and the Garcia clan.

  5. Hey Bob….looks like you’re getting all settled in…..also, looks like paradise to me….my wife Tammy and I are counting down the days/years when we can retire in Boquete, Panama….much wished happiness for your new adventure!

  6. Bobby, I just read today’s entry and was reminded of life’s little things that matter
    The most. You and Oscar proved that today to lots of deserving folks. So proud of
    You son with love from all of us!

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