Who am I?

I am a graduate of The Citadel and  spent 30 years in the Commercial Construction industry.  After 30 years, I chose to utilize this experience and couple it with my passion for helping those in the most under-served regions in the world to overcome obstacles they face in their day-to-day work/life experience.

This all came as a result of a mission trip I went on in 2006 to Sudan.  It changed my life…  Since then I have traveled back to Africa almost annually and in 2010 began serving in Guatemala as well.  In that same year, I joined the Board of Directors of Hope Ignited under the leadership of my friend and mentor, Chuck Jamison and have been active in the growth and development of the organization since then.

In 2013, I walked away from a lucrative career to a position that offered me no salary but gave me the “purpose”  I had been seeking my entire life.  I began working full-time for Hope Ignited as the Director of Development with the goal of growing our organization and influence in the areas we serve.  At the present, my responsibilities include overall fundraising initiatives, database management, donor communication and web development.  I also lead mission trips and recently returned from living in Guatemala after immersing myself in the culture, building relationships and learning the language.

I am also currently enrolled at Fuller Theological Seminary, pursuing a Masters in Global Leadership degree.  Life is good.

I may be reached at:   bob@hopeignited.org



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