The big “why”…

In 2006 I went on my first mission trip to Africa.  It was probably the very last thing I thought I would ever do…or would ever want to do…but I went.  Here is what happened on that trip….

Those ten days in Africa changed the trajectory of my life.  Since then, I’ve made it a point to go to either Africa, Guatemala or both every year and sometimes more.  I have made many friends in these countries that have taught me a lot about myself and have made me see what is really important in life.  One of the lessons that I am constantly reminded of is why are we so fortunate?  Why do we get to live in such a wonderful and abundant country?

In wrestling with these and many other personal questions, I have made a decision to pursue this work on a full-time basis.  I want to help my friends in these developing countries have a better life.   I want them to have…what I take for granted.   I want to help create jobs,  build schools, help teach and train them and create opportunities where they can help others.

My life has been truly blessed.  It has not been perfect and for that I am grateful.  The challenges of life only serve to make it real and to remind me that we as a person are not meant to face our challenges alone and the geographical distance between us need not be a deterrent.  We are all in this together…and I’m hoping you’ll join me as well.



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