So much for “self help”

Have you walked through the “self help” section of Barnes & Noble lately?  The shelves are overflowing with books that promise to cure, fix, eliminate and teach you just about anything that will bring you happiness, wisdom, riches, power and anything else one could imagine.

So I was wondering…does “self help” really work?

I’ve read many of these books and still do.  Some are good but others only make me question and doubt myself even more.  I sometimes end up feeling worse off than I did before I picked up the book.

A couple of months ago, I was helping my Mom do some home maintenance.  She needed an overhead light installed above the sink in the kitchen.  The box the fixture came in promised an easy installation and that I had everything I needed to do the job.

So I climbed up on the sink and began the process of measuring, drilling, pulling wires and doing everything the directions required to insure a successful installation.

Then I realized the problem…

I soon got to a point in the installation when I was trying to hold the light fixture in the correct position so that it is aligned with the pre-drilled holes and at the same time hold the screw, reach for the screwdriver that was down at my feet and to keep the wires hidden within the light fixture… I quickly realized…I either needed more hands or more help.

I think “self help” is much like the box the light fixture came in.  It made the promise of an “easy” installation and “no tools were necessary”.  That may have been “possible” but it was certainly not to be easy.

What I really needed was some help.  Someone to hold the light while I drilled or placed the screws into the fixture that would provide the required support.   Having someone to help me would have made it a really easy installation.  It probably would have even been enjoyable!

I think life is like that.  I think we all need an extra pair of hands to assist us as we move through this life.  Sometimes holding things…sometimes holding us.

So much for “self help”.

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