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Choose Love…


Sometimes this world seems just a little too difficult.

The things we see and witness, the pressures of family, finances and friendships, the differences in world views that are literally trying to rip us apart as a society are all constantly playing in out in our lives like a looped video. As a result, we often feel powerless, hopeless, frustrated and sad when we think of the days that are ahead of us. That feeling of “I can’t do anything about it” is the worst feeling we can have and it is the one thing we can’t allow ourselves to believe! We CAN do something! We ALL can do something!  What can we do?   We can choose to love!

We can choose to love those we don’t understand.
We can choose to love those we don’t agree with.
We can choose to love those that have wronged us or we fear will wrong us.
We can choose to love those that have different beliefs.
We can choose to love those that have different life experiences and expectations out of life.
We can choose to love those that are struggling and those that boast.
We can also choose to love those that may never know we love them.
All of this is within our power…

There are many people here in Antigua that are struggling for one reason or the other and as a result, they sit on the sidewalks and beg for handouts. These people have become “invisible” to most of the tourists and even mission teams that visit the city. They are routinely walked around, looked over and avoided at all cost. But the funny thing is…they have become “my peeps.”


Over the past few months here in Antigua, I have developed what is now becoming a little “street ministry.” Each day I’m in Spanish class from about 9am to 3pm. Then I hit the streets to get my workout in. (10,000 steps/day…thanks to the ever present reporting of fit-bit.) During my walk, I’ll go by and see “my peeps.” They are usually located at certain places in and around the city. Some are in the park, some sit on a sidewalk on a certain street. Some are on a street corner and some are just wandering around.

Once I find them I’ll just sit down with them and talk. Sometimes we’ll pray together, sometimes we’ll just talk about their day or their family or life, and sometimes… we’ll just sit. But the important thing is…they are no longer “invisible.” They are seen and we are friends. I truly love these people! Nothing makes me smile more than the time we get to spend together each day.  They are a gift to me.

So I guess my point is this…there are people in our daily lives right now that deserve our attention…they deserve our time and they deserve our love.  But they are not the easiest to love. Choosing love empowers us and puts life back into proper perspective.  Sometimes it is not easy.  Sometimes it’s uncomfortable and it can sometimes be inconvenient…but it’s one of our only…and I believe our best option.  It also provides a healing that this world most desperately needs…

We all can do something.  We can all do this…  Choose to love.