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Ok…here’s the deal.   Most of the lower income people here in Guatemala cook on an open flame that is not vented to the exterior.   The net result of this type of cooking arrangement is a home filled with smoke and the associated skin, eye and respiratory problems as well as the ever-present risk of severe burns to children as well as adults.   It just doesn’t have to be that way…

Also, what we have found is that a simple, efficient stove quickly becomes the centerpiece of the family.   It is usually a catalyst for positive change and transformation…in essence…it’s a symbol of hope…and a reminder that things don’t have to remain the way they have always been.

This $250 stove changes lives

I want to help provide this symbol of Hope to as many families as I can.  My goal is to find 50 families in need and connect their stories with my friends and family that want to help change a families life.   It’s possible and I believe we can do it!

We all have been given Hope through Christ…shouldn’t we make an effort to offer it to others?

Below you´ll find a presentation that will explain the need here in Guatemala and the opportunity to provide the most cost effective means of life transformation for your invested dollar.


Please share this presentation with your friends, family and church group!

HIS Presentation Link (click here)

Here are some of the people  we have recently provided stoves for as well as some that we hope to provide.  Also, in many cases the recipients of the stoves do not want a handout. Each month some of the women bring by small payments as they can afford in order to pay for the stove.  We use this money to offset the cost of the stoves when people cannot pay for them.  So in essence, the people of the community are helping each other…pretty cool.

Please consider helping me reach my goal of building 50 stoves by donating anything you can!   Blessings!!


Secundina Hernandez

IMG_1230 IMG_1228

Secundina and her husband, her mother and her seven children are caretakers of a piece of mountain property.  She cooks on a typical 55 gallon drum that has two concrete blocks and some rebar to suspend a cooking pot over their open flame.

We would like to provide the family a better alternative by providing them a smokeless stove.

Maria Lednor


Maria is a 46-year-old mother that lives in a compound with 13 other people and three families.  They all share one stove .

I think we can do better!

Irma Beteta


We visited Irma today for the first time.  I had never been to her small home and what we learned was that she lives in a compound with three other families and they cook on the FLOOR!   There is a total of 10 people that live in this small home and they cook on the floor…

Status:   COMPLETED!  Thank you Ann & Jim Wehler, Radford, VA

Juana Tunchez


Juana is an 86-year-old widow that lives alone.   She is just about deaf, but she remains quite a beautiful woman.

Status:  COMPLETED!  Thank you Bob Misdom, Atlanta, GA
Update (9/17/15):  Please pray for Juana.  She is really sick.  She recently had an operation of some sort and is back home now…but not doing well.

Juana doesn’t say too much…but  ever since we completed the stove for her, she is rarely apart from it.  Most of the day you can find her seated by it and just looking at it.

Think about the fact that she lived her entire life in a smoke filled room!

Amalia Puac Arias

IMG_0857 IMG_0976

Amalia is a quiet woman with four children.  Two of which stay home with her.  She always is pleasant and smiling.

Status:  COMPLETED!  Thank you Whitney Jones, Dallas, TX
Update (9/17/15):  Amalia brought by a self-initiated installment payment for her stove.  She wants to pay for her stove as she can.  That is what amazes me, they don´t want handouts.

She wanted her new stove built in a different room than where she previously cooked.  She has since renovated the room and it looks beautiful!  We celebrated the first stove lighting with a wonderful lunch of chicken and spaghetti that she cooked for us!  Score!

 Christina Cruz

P1020400 P1020621

Christina lives in a compound with 15 other people from 4 different families.  They all share this one cooking area.

Status:  COMPLETED!  Thank you Troy Foss, San Diego, CA

Each day we would work, she  made sure both Don Juan and I were well fed and she gave us juice to drink throughout the day.    We also installed a solar light into one of the bedrooms that was totally  dark.   Now she can enjoy natural sunlight during the day as well as cook in a smokeless environment.   Nice!

 Maria Elena Arias

P1020405 IMG_0911

Maria is a 37-year-old mother that has 6 children.  Her living quarters is spotless and she even has a garden.  She collects rainwater in buckets and her sister provides her water.

Status:  COMPLETED!  Thank you Bob Misdom, Atlanta, GA

Maria told me that she used to burn through 3 bundles of wood per day.  Now she says she only needs 1 bundle and uses primarily the smaller pieces like sticks and branches.  Cool!

 Narcissa Tunchez

P1020381 IMG_1006

Narcissa is the daughter of Juana and they both shared this cooking area.   So once we completed Juana’s stove in an area adjacent to this area, Narcissa continued to use this stove and the smoke filled Juana’s new cooking area!

Status:  COMPLETED!  Thank you Troy Foss, San Diego, CA
Update (9/17/15):  Narcissa brought by a self-initiated installment payment for her stove.  Pretty cool.

So we met with Narcissa and she agreed to pay for a new stove in a new area.  While Narcissa will most likely not be able to afford the total cost of the stove, Hope Ignited will subsidize a portion of the cost. She is as happy as she can be!

 Blanca Elvia Arias

IMG_0993 IMG_1010

Blanca is a young married woman with four children.  The stove that we built for her family will be subsidized to some extent by Hope Ignited.

Status:   COMPLETED!  Thank you Ann Wehler, Radford, VA

When we were working on her stove, I would look forward to the afternoons when her children would come home.  Each day they would sit outside and work quietly on their school homework.  Once they finished, I would listen as Blanca would quiz them.  So I was able to work and get a Spanish lesson at the same time!

Silvia Leticia Girón


Silvia is related to our mason Don Juan.   Her family is  currently in the process of building their home and Don Juan wanted to offer a smokeless stove for them.  As you can see in the photo, they had previously been using the “typical” open flame method of cooking as evidenced by all the black soot on the walls.   Well, no more!

Status:   COMPLETED!  Thank you Ann Wehler, Radford, VA
Update (9/17/15):  Silvia wasted no time in beginning to pay for her stove.  The stove was completed yesterday and when Oscar and I visited her today, she handed us a payment of Q200.   Pretty darn cool.

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