Two are better than one…


The other day as we were building a stove for Doña Teresa, the tortilla lady, I happened to notice her clothes line. Like many, the line was full of freshly washed clothing, but what I noticed was there were no clothes pins like what I’m used to seeing on a clothes line in the U.S. In this case, the clothesline was simply two cords that were wrapped around each other. The clothing was simply stuck between the two and supported by the tension of they exerted to suspend the load…ingenious!

Then I started thinking about other things that work better when two things are working together. Certainly marriage and other relationships work best when the two individuals are working together and sharing the load. Also companies and employees, parents and children, and all other groups of people work best when they are each pulling their own share of the weight.

As the clothesline demonstrated…there is not much need for anything else…just the two individuals, wrapped tightly in relationship, each pulling their own share of the weight.

Amazing what I learn from laundry…

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