Who gets the best of you?

I remember as a kid a phrase that was commonly used after a fight of some kind.  A person would say, “He really got the best of him”.  Meaning that somebody most likely got his butt kicked.  But this is not the context of the question that I’ve been thinking about lately.

 My question is literally…who gets the best of you?

Who is it in your life that makes you the “best” you possible?  You know the one, the you that you really like…the you that are the happiest, the funniest, the most insightful, the most thoughtful.  The you that you are really proud of being.  When you are in their company, life seems to flow almost without effort and you routinely feel “filled” by having spent time together.  This is what I’m referring to as being “the best of you”.

 So who in your life gets it?

Are you surprised by your answer?  Is it the one you feel “should” get the best of you?  Many people I’ve had this conversation with have responded with answers like:  My job, my dog or cat or even…I keep the best of me for myself!  What a shame!

 So what do you do if you don’t like your answer?

What if you’re not giving the best of you to the person in your life that needs it?

My answer would be that whatever you want in life…give it first and give it consistently and give it without ever thinking you’ll ever get it back.

Give away Love, Encouragement, Support, Understanding…give them away and don’t expect an acknowledgement, a thank you, a change in attitude or behavior.  Just give that which you want.  Stay focused on only on the giving…because it’s in the giving of ourselves that we become our best.

 You’ve only got one “best”…so don’t give it to who deserves it…give it to who needs it.



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